Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Confetti Card using Pathfinding Cards WOTG

When  I sit down with all my goodies to get crafty some days I have a ton of time and like to just see what happens other days I NEED to finish a stack of cards in a small window of time so those I love, care about, or need to thank are not waiting until the next ice age to hear from me.  That is when I grab some direction and inspiration from a how to book or in this case a WOTG instruction sheet.  That way the instructions and the stamps are all set for me and I just need to get to cutting and adhering.  If you are anything like me...... lets face we LOVE to craft no matter if its just for 20 minutes or 20 hours (yes I've done that) I just want something to show for my efforts at the end that is lovely.  So here is another card from my most recent stamping session.  I think I made about 10-12 cards in just about an hour. 

This card uses Pacifica and whisper Cardstock, stamps and bling from the Pathfinding WOTG, Pacifica and Thistle Ink, Purple and Silver Shimmer Trim, and Confetti Papers. 

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