Sunday, November 30, 2014

December Stamp of the Month Cutie Pie

Welcome to the last blog hop of 2014!!!! Time just seems to be moving faster the older I get and this year was no different!!!!

If you have hopped here from Judy Burger's blog you are on the right path!!!  This month there are over 60 consultants hoping with us as we highlight the CUTIE PIE set.  Below you can see each of the adorable 11 stamps this set has to help you celebrate any birthday or cutie pie with the supper cute cupcake sprinklelishous stamps!!!!!

In addition to the stamp of the month I also used Crystal Blue,Gypsy, Honey, and Flaxen ink.  I also used the Wanderful B&T paper, Picture My Life 3x4 card.

Now it's time to hop on over to Lori Brown's blog.

Adeline Brill
Melinda Everitt
Sheila Bennett
Michelle Stewart
Jen Rubio
Dawn Ross
Vicki Price
Beth Naumann
Michelle Loncar
Lauren Moore
Katy Taylor
Judy Burger
Pamela Ellison
Lori Brown
Dana Kessler
Peachy Iris G. Lamb
Maria Myers
Carol Taggio
Priscilla Gotham
Michelle Jones
Teresa Scrivens
Nancy Womersley
Donna Digby
Wendy Coffman
Jilena Paskett
Kami Welter
Krista Hershberger
Jean McNulty
Lela Norris
Melissa Laverty
Pam Trostle
Krista Ritskes
Traci Godbee
Lucy Kelleher
Kathy Burrows
Kelly  Janes
Michelle Johns
Maureen O'Sullivan
Jen Patrick
Stefani Ewing
Sarita Schraeder
Haley Dyer
Alyson Mayo
Gina Brandstetter
Paige Dolecki
Cat Nowak
Tina Lovell
Lilian Yeh
Kathleen Androlewicz
Judy Faye Garner
Angela White
Terry Ann Diack
Morgan Vogt
Justine Hovey
Melissa Robinson
Michelle Battitori
Michele Rowley
Brenda Lapp
Katie Hessel
Pam Jarrett
Jacquelin Green
Chris Lothian


  1. love the unexpected combination with the Wanderful paper!

  2. Great how all your elements came together to complement the picture.

  3. Never would have thought to put the Wanderful paper with this stamp set but it works well, TFS!

  4. I would have never thought that Wanderful would look so good with cupcakes! Great job!