Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blessed Resurrection Day !!!!!

Blessed Resurrection Day !!!!!   So this is what happens to scraps when they are tooo cute to toss in the trash.  Remember a thrifty crafter is a happy crafter.  These are cards came up with when I realized those adorable 3-D eggs had a lot of leftover paper.   I think I love the cards more than the actual decorations they are scraps from. . . . The Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge has a card function key to cut an egg shaped card so I was able to cut 2 cards from each 8.5x11 sheet of paper which happen to be bazzill in this case.  The inks are Twilight, Hydrangea and Tulip which I used to distress the edges of the cards and the negative scraps. (Lucy, Pemberley, Roxie, Florentine) So in an afternoon of crafting I had 5 3-D Faberge styled eggs to decorate my Easter Brunch table and 16 Cards to pass out to friends and family (I hope this post isn't spoiling the surprise for any cards that have not arrived ).  That is a very productive afternoon for me thanks to my Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge!

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