Monday, October 6, 2014

Guilty Pleasures . . . . H2H Challenge

The 1st challenge in October is GUILTY PLEASURES . . . . Uh oh . . . . . well I guess its time to come clean . . . . . well ok you twisted my arm.  I am an Ice Cream JUNKIE!!!!! I will have Ice cream in my freezer year round and often more than one flavor (like now there are 3). I have been know to make extra stops on long trips to try a local treasure.  It can not be overstated Ice cream is definitely my Guilty Pleasure.  So this year National Ice Cream day we went out for well you know Ice Cream and her is the layout I created to pay homage to my not so secret guilty pleasure.

This layout is also a sneak peek for the Stamp of the Month for June Ice Cream Dream I know I'll be using this set a ton.  I also used the Shin Han Markers featured on pg. 180 of the Annual Expressions.  I also used gold pok-a-dot & black arrow washi tape, gold & teal shimmer trim, dots, chevron, & honey comb embossing folders, lagoon, sunset, canary, thistle, gypsy, cotton candy, and sorbet inks and finally white daisy cardstock. 

Now to check out all the GUILTY PLEASURES of the rest of the H2H gang follow this link


  1. Fun page! Love all the different patterned papers!!

  2. Well...I'll come clean...Ice Cream is ONE of my guilty pleasures and that's why I CANNOT have in my freezer year-round! I do go through kicks though where I go a month with it in

  3. Glad you will be joining us at H2H this month, Pam! I enjoy checking out your crafty creations!